Learn Python with complete web development project


Python is now the best programming language to learn in 2018. Python is very easy to learn and you will find it in web application development, machine learning, data science, desktop app, hardware programming etc.

Khidmah It, leading software training company in Dhaka,  is offering  web application development course with complete project. Are you beginner in programming ? no problem, if you have passion, dedication, you can learn from scratch .

What we learn?

  • Python from Scratch to Advance
  • Django Basic to Mid level
  • Linux, Git
  • Complete real life project following Agile Methodology.
  • problem solving
  • Basic Algorithm

About Course:

Time: Friday, Saturday 3 P.M

Total class: 32

Duration: 4 month ( 96 hours)

Free Class: 3 August 2018

Main class: 4 August 2018

Course Fee: 10,000 tk

Address: O-23, Muslim sweets goli, Nur-Jahan road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka

** To enroll this course, Fill up registration form and join to our free class on 3 August

Course curriculum:

  • Getting Started with Python3
  • Data structure
  • OOP -Object oriented Programing with python
  • Exception Handling
  • File Handling
  • Flask framework basic
  • Getting started with Django2
  • Basic Django ( models, views, templetes, urls, Forms)
  • Django Queryset
  • Class Based View
  • Django Rest API
  • Working with Postgresql Database
  • Version control with Git
  • Basic Concept of Freelancing and how to apply for job in freelance marketplace.


  1. Skilled programmer ( any language) who attended any programming contest (online/offline) and got good score, will get up to 30% discount as his skill. 
  2. For Hafiz ( Quran) , completed Dawraye Hadith ( maolana ) and pass 40 day’s chilla in Tablig jamat,  20% discount in course fee.


Contact: Facebook Page Facebook Group, Banglai-django Facebook group

Phone: 01715251562, 01753163092


2. Women should maintain hizab as  Islamic shariah

3. We have no lab setup. You have to bring your own laptop with Linux OS.

4. If someone fail to attend some class, backup class will available.

5. Our class assistant will support you to solve any problem.