Go from zero to hero in Python3 – Live online course


Python is now the best programming language to learn in 2018. Python is very easy to learn and you will find it in web application development, machine learning, data science, desktop app, hardware programming etc.

Course curriculum:

  • Getting Started with Python3
  • Data structure
  • List comprehension
  • Condition
  • Function
  • OOP -Object oriented Programing
  • Exception Handling
  • File Handling
  • Web application development with Flask
  • Basic Use of GIT
  • Basic Algorithms
  • 100 + Problem solving

About Course:

Time: Friday, Saturday at 9 P.M to 11 P.M

Total class: 16

Duration: 2 months ( 30 hours)

Class Started: 23 November 2018

 Course Type: Online


Contact: Facebook Page Facebook GroupBanglai-django Facebook group

Phone: 01715251562

Note: Class will be arranged via “Skype“. You must submit Home task and also attend group study regularly.  If anyone failed to attend class, we will provide video of the class. You should fill up registration form and pay course fee before registration. 
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